Album: Ghost of New York
Author: Per Svensson
Publication: Soundofmusic
Date: 01/05/2010

Birgit Ulher; Radio Silence No More, OlofBright OBCD 22 Maja Spasova; The sound art of Maja Spasova, Olof Bright OBCD 20/21 Frank Rothkamm; Ghost of New York, Flux Records, FLX 11, CD The Thing; Bag it!, Smalltown Superjazz, STSJ/155, CD P. Br÷tzmann, S. ┼. Johansson, A.v. Schlippenbach; Up and down the Lion, Olofbright OBCD 26 Nate Young; Regression, Ideal Recordings, iDEAL 076, CD Henrik Rylander; Power Model X (Motherboard Drone Live), Ideal Recordings, iDEAL 044, CD Audionom; Superior, Ideal Recordings, iDEAL 066, CD Beth Laurin; 1984, Firework Edition Records, FER 1078, CD

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