Album: Opus Spongebobicum
Author: Wedge
Publication: KZSU
Date: 01/03/2011

Solo classical piano in small doses. Modern classical, a definite recital-hall feel with grand fast tracks alongside creeping, academic slow ones. Contemplative, sitting-down music: Moods are usually upbeat or off-kilter, although I wouldn't say it actually gets playful. All 40 tracks stem from the first line of the "Spongebob" theme, but they're mostly unrecognizable. (Try your luck with 1, 2, 5, 30, or 38.) The liner notes do include an interesting brief history of Beethoven's "Diabelli Variations," which are apparently just as much of an influence here. The back cover, btw, shows how long each of the 40 tracks is. It's not obvious at first. Some highlights: 1- Big, flowery 4- The most obvious use of "Spongebob" melody. 5- A more twisted "Spongebob" than track 4 13- Nice, more stern than a lullabye 18- Some grand old-world pomp 20- Ooh, a bit slower, sadder 21- Some nice fast spinning. 26- Like softshoe pounding 29- Slow bass footsteps 30- Stern German avant-garde hammering 34- Six notes, 6 seconds. Smart-ass. 36- Rhythmically pounding, passionate 38- Stuttering, toy-piano-like 39- Bouncing, almost Elton-John rock-like. Not kidding. 40- Quiet electronic snips, like the end of a record. (Don't play this one!)

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