Album: Tuning
Author: Frans de Waard
Publication: Vital Weekly
Date: 03/01/1997

A record by an artist who calls himself 'DJ' is set to be a party going object. The record opens with some tinkling on the piano... yeah get on with it... where is the kick drum, the hi-hat. Get on. As you lift the needle from the vinyl and place it somewhere else on either the a-side or the b-side, you will find that this record is entirely built of sounds from tuning the piano. Annoying to some, maybe casting memories to others like me, where the piano at the elderly house was tuned twice a year. For adventurous DJ's an exiting record, to be filled next to Ash's record 'Blind/Fragment' of intercepted talking between ground control and a pilot up in the air. File under 'DJ Conceptualism'.

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